Tuition & Fees

New Student Application Fee: $25

The one-time new student application fee applies to both Credit and Audit students, and is associated with the processing of a new student’s application. The fee is due at the time of application.


Student Registration Fee: $50

The student registration fee applies to Credit students only, and is required each semester. The fee is due at the time of registration each semester. There is no registration fee for Audit students.


Tuition for Credit Students: $75 per unit

1.0 Unit Class = $75

2.0 Unit Class = $150

3.0 Unit Class = $225


Tuition for Audit Students: $25 per unit

1.0 Unit Class = $25

2.0 Unit Class = $50

3.0 Unit Class = $75


Course Materials: The cost of textbooks and other required course materials varies per class and is in addition to the tuition and fees described above.


Graduation Fee: $50

The graduation fee applies to Maranatha Bible College students graduating at Calvary Chapel Bible College. The fee should be made payable to CCBC Murrieta, and is due at the beginning of the graduating student’s final semester.


Please Note: All fees are non-refundable.

*Tuition amounts are refundable on a decreasing scale through the fifth week of each semester, after which no further refunds will be given.

Financial Aide

At Maranatha Bible College, we attempt to keep the cost of our education program affordable in order that more students may be able to attend. We do not participate in government supported financial aid programs or guaranteed student loans.