Credit Program

Maranatha Bible College offers two Biblical Studies' degrees through its affiliation with Calvary Chapel Bible College: The Associate of Applied Science in Biblical Studies (A.A.S.B.S.), and the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (B.A.B.S.).

Associate of Applied Science in Biblical Studies (A.A.S.B.S.)

The A.A.S.B.S. requires 72 semester credits and is composed primarily of eight Bible Core Classes (each representing a section of the Bible), foundational courses in Theology, Bible Survey courses, verse-by-verse studies of Bible books, one English Composition course and Practical Christian Ministry. Various Elective courses are also available. No prior college education courses are required for this program, only a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (B.A.B.S.)

The B.A.B.S. requires 132 semester credits and all the requirements of the A.A.S.B.S. Of the 132 credits required, a minimum of 36 must be earned in general studies courses completed separately and transferred to CCBC from a DOE recognized, accredited college..

*Students pursuing either of these degrees must enroll as Credit Students, must take all the required courses at Maranatha Bible College or Calvary Chapel Bible College, and pass them with a grade of C- or better.


Audit Program

Maranatha Bible College also offers an audit program for students who desire to grow spiritually without earning credits.  Audit students earn an “AU” if he/she attended a minimum of 75% of the class, otherwise they will receive a “UA” for “Unsuccessful Audit”.  Audit students must sign the sign in sheet at class. No college credit is given. There is no degree or certificate credit awarded for classes that are audited. A student may take classes for credit and audit, but only the classes taken for credit will apply toward a degree.