Spring 2019 Course Registration is now closed.

If you would like to take a look at the Spring 2019 Semester Schedule, click HERE.

A Message to Our Guests...

Guests, we are so excited that you are exploring our courses this semester and all that MBC has to offer. At MBC, we have chosen to make classes available to all who desire to grow in their relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Unlike Credit and Audit Students, Guests are not enrolled students at Maranatha Bible College. As such, Guests will not be regarded as "Credit" or "Audit" students. Guests are not required to complete assignments, tests, etc. nor do they have attendance requirements.

All Guests registering for courses at Maranatha Bible College agree to respect the academic environment provided for enrolled students at Maranatha Bible College. Further, it is our hope and prayer that Guests take full advantage of the accountability for learning which is present in academic environments such as at Maranatha Bible College.

VIU (Veritas International University)

VIU is no longer offering courses at Maranatha Chapel. If you are interested in courses offered by VIU, please visit thier website or click on the button below.