Degree Path

The Associate of Applied Science in Biblical Studies (A.A.S.B.S.) is a two-year, 72-credit, college-level program designed to train students to know God and to equip them for His service. The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (B.A.B.S.) degree requires specific General Studies courses to be transferred from a separate, accredited college (minimum 36 credits). Technical, non-academic, and vocational courses are not acceptable for transfer, nor are courses that are below college level (such as remedial community college courses). Proof of high school completion is required for admission.

Students are responsible for tracking their progress. A 2.0 GPA is required and classes must be passed with a C- or higher. A minimum of 18 credits for the A.A.S.B.S. and 33 credits for the B.A.B.S. must be completed directly through CCBC (Murrieta, Costa Mesa, Distance Learning, or Teaching Sites). This means that up to 54 credits may be taken at MBC for the A.A.S.B.S., and 63 credits may be taken at MBC for the B.A.B.S.

Use the Graduation Worksheet below to plan and track you progress.


Graduation Procedures

Potential graduates must sign up for a graduation interview in the Registrar’s Office when they register for their last semester. They will review records, resolve academic conflicts, verify degree level and complete a petition to graduate during the graduation interview. In addition, we will schedule the graduation ceremony rehearsal and various meetings for the graduates at that time. This must be completed no later than the 8th week of the final semester for that student.

Graduation Fee
A graduation fee of $50 is required for all Maranatha Bible College students.

Graduation Policy
Maranatha Bible College trains persons for Christian ministry and leadership.  It demands a high standard of character and conduct as measured by the Scriptures. Students who by the evaluation of the faculty and administration do not demonstrate these qualities during their degree program will not be recommended for graduation. 
Fulfillment of degree requirements does not guarantee a recommendation to graduation.